Reva Ochuba, Creative Director
Greg Ross, Creative Advisor
Laura Hinman, Production
Michel Sayegh, Public Relations
Matt Holmes, Stylist
Sharon Gong, Graphic Design

Nathaniel Turner, Photography

Htat Lin Htut, Director
Lotic, Music

Matt Holmes, Styling
Isabel Dietz Hartmann, Photography
Sean Bennett, Hair
YuuiVision, Makeup

Tel: +1 323 947 8673

New York Times

Launched in 2015, Ifeoma is a research-based platform created to examine the social implications of sartorial systems. Ifeoma’s first collective series, AW16, touched on the expression of excess in the digital age. Presented in the home of a self-proclaimed hoarder, participants smoked, drank, and ate with self-righteous abandon. Apple’s logo flickered softly from the back of iPhones in the dimly lit apartment, shielding the audience from each performer’s showcase of self(ie)-indulgence. For its SS17 offering, Ifeoma continues this conversation, analyzing the parallels between medieval aristocracy and contemporary enterprise.

This series of garments hopes to encapsulate acquisitive expectations held by those of high nobility throughout the 14th-17th centuries. These monarchies, who imposed sumptuary laws on their subjects, fabricated a visual pecking order through the physical medium most telling of a person’s position in society i.e. their clothing. Although absent of even the vision of post-contemporary luxury (Ferraris, Audemars, Rodarte), laws set within these three hundred years essentially created a foundation for desired monetary exclusivity, the need to amass great wealth, and our astonishment of those who have successfully acquired both.

History, however accumulated over time, only elaborates a certain perspective; typically of wealth and pertinent agency. As with all stories, incompatibilities are compressed to create a coherent linearity relatively easy to follow, understand, and pass-along. These words, as they are typed, become a thing of the past, instantly archived, preserving no more truth than that written on scrolls. Video, although a relatively new medium, is a representation of time malleable to whomever has control of it. Because most inspiration can be traced back to a brand of antiquity, challenging the contexts of history by creating a self-contained world entirely influenced by it is, in essence, the definition of dichotomy. Ifeoma’s SS17 collection, ‘Renaissance,’ works alongside these structures, creating content comparing social, political, and economical dictations of Medieval Europe to the contemporary tropes of art and design.